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You may also use a printed notification form

If electronic notification to the Product Registry is not possible for you, you may instead use a special printed notification form. 

This can be obtained from the Working Environment Authority, tel. (+45) 70 12 12 88, or e-mail

You need to submit one notification form for each product, and all fields must be completed. This applies to both electronic notification and notification via a printed form. 

Please note that the Product Registry no longer receives safety data sheets, lists etc as a part of product notifications as Produktregistret can not undertake finding the required information in enclosed safety data sheets, lists etc.

All information necessary to the notification shall be indicated in the special form for notification with reference to section 9 in Executive Order No. 559 of 4 July 2002 on Special Duties of Manufacturers, Suppliers and Importers, etc. of Substances and Materials with later amendments. 

Please send the completed form by e-mail or letter to:  (as an attached document) 
Arbejdstilsynet, Produktregistret, Postboks 850, DK-2100 Copenhagen Ø.

Notification of offshore products requires a special form that can be obtained from Tage V. Andersen at the Danish Environmental Protection Agency, tel. (+45) 72 54 45 62, or downloaded from the CEFAS website.


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